We believe that children belong in families

We EMPOWER vulnerable families to keep their kids at home and out of orphanages. We
work to keep children out of orphanages in Uganda by providing other options to at-risk families.


To offer services to at risk families, Abide Family Center:

Receives referrals from local government offices, orphanages, and other NGO’s of families that are at-risk for placing their children in orphanages.

Families admitted into our program are then provided holistic, direct services at our center.

Upon graduating, families continue to receive follow-up services from Abide. Our team performs home visits and evaluations for up to two years to ensure the family is continuing to thrive.

  • Case Management and Counseling

    Case Management and Counseling

      Abide has three full-time social workers that work with each client to ensure every family is receiving the individual care they need to succeed. The families enrolled at Abide meet with their personal social worker to develop a care plan that outlines the steps they plan to take to become self-sufficient and able to care for their family. The social worker will offer encouragement, advice and perform follow up visits. Abide's social workers provide follow-up home visits for up to two years after graduation to ensure the family is continuing to thrive once graduated from our program.
  • Small Business Development

    Small Business Development

      Each family is enrolled in business classes upon entering Abide. The course lasts for four weeks and is held twice a week. Abide’s Business Instructor and Assistant Business Instructor guide the caregivers through the course and provide one-on-one support to each caregiver as they develop their business plans. Caregivers gain the skills they need to be able to support themselves and their families independently after they leave Abide. The goal is to empower the families to be self-sufficient by giving them the tools they need to lift themselves out of poverty. Upon graduation, each family receives a small grant to help them start up their small businesses. If they work hard and are successful with their business, they may also be eligible to receive a second grant.
  • Parenting Classes

    Parenting Classes

      Every Monday the families that are currently attending business classes gather to talk about parenting their little ones. Many of our caregivers are excellent parents already, so we tailored this class to be more of a discussion with the goal of creating community among the families. Topics covered in the class include personal parenting goals, how to grow spiritually as a family, discipline, safety, attachment, health basics and how to talk to kids about sexuality. Caregivers learn why children belong in families and at the end of the course become advocates in their community for family based care.
  • Child Development Center

    Child Development Center

    Abide supports the entire family by providing high quality early childhood education to children ages 0 to 6. Our Child Development Center is a creative and play-based environment with loving teachers and hands on learning. It's a safe place for children to learn and grown while their parent goes through business and parenting classes. The Child Development Center also offers free childcare to our staff and for families that have already graduated from business class and are working at their small businesses.

  • Emergency Housing

    Emergency Housing

      Abide offers temporary emergency housing to families that are not able to safely stay in their home or have nowhere else to go. It is used as a last resort because we always seek to support community and family relationships first and try not to move a family out of their community if possible. While families are staying in emergency housing they are eligible for and receive all of Abide's services, including going through business and parenting classes. Families can stay for up to three months and usually move out shortly after graduating from our business class. We are with them every step of the way, and when the time comes we support them as they transition out of emergency housing and back into the community.
  • Pastoral Services

    Pastoral Services

    The goal of the pastoral program at Abide is to lead clients into a healthy and trusting relationship with God. We desire for our clients to invite Jesus into their daily life as parents, business owners, and community members so they can experience these redemptive relationships in all areas of their lives. Our full-time pastor supports our clients by doing home visits, offering counseling, and conducting weekly Bible studies, as well as being on-call to offer pastoral support in extenuating circumstances that our clients might face.

    Medical and Nutrition

    Medical and Nutrition

      We give each of the families in our program the best chance at a healthy and happy life by creating a base of nutrition and health for them to work off of. This means every family in direct services receives a balanced, nutritionist approved diet while on Abide's compound. Children that attend our Child Development Center receive breakfast, lunch, two snacks and a multi-vitamin every day while attending class.  Although we always encourage and support breastfeeding, sometimes it is not an option and in those situations we provide high quality formula for families with young babies. We also cover medical costs and give our families access to quality professionals. When needed, we connect our families with specialists for further medical care.


Q: Are you a faith based organization?

Yes we are! As a faith-based organization, we exist to share the love of Christ throughout all aspects of our work. We make prayer and Biblical values the foundation on how we operate. We believe in:

  1. The unique divine inspiration, entire trustworthiness and authority of the Bible.
  2. The only true God, who created all things, and eternally exists as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  3. Jesus Christ, fully human and fully God; his virgin birth, perfect life, and the historical fact of His bodily resurrection.
  4. The death of Jesus Christ as the necessary and effective payment for sin.
  5. The victorious reign and personal return of our Lord Jesus Christ who will judge all people.
  6. Salvation through God’s grace to all who repent and put their faith in Jesus Christ alone.
  7. The presence and transforming power of the Holy Spirit, who gives new life to all who believe.
  8. The value and dignity of all people, and the spiritual unity of all believers in Jesus Christ.

Q: Do you take custody of children?

No we don’t.  Any children that stay in Abide’s emergency housing are there with their legal guardian (mom, aunt, grandma etc).

Q: Can I come volunteer?

At this time we do not take short term volunteers. If you are in Uganda and would like to come visit Abide you can email us at info@abidefamilycenter.org to arrange a time that works for everyone. You can also check out our internship program HERE if you are interested in spending a longer amount of time in Uganda.

Q: Can I send donations to Abide?

As much as we love receiving items here in Uganda, it is just not practical. The cost to ship items to Uganda combined with the taxes we have to pay at the post office outweighs what we would save having donations mailed to us.  If you would like to send us a financial donation to buy items locally here in Uganda we would be more than willing to work with you on that!

Q: What do you do if you discover abuse or neglect in a family in your program?

We believe children belong in families, but only in SAFE families. We do not work with families that are abusive or neglectful to the children in their care. When we do discover abuse or neglect we will recommend that the children be removed from the unsafe environment. Usually that means the children being placed in one of our partner orphanages either temporarily or permanently.

Q: I'm interested in adopting from Uganda, how can I do that ethically?

Abide is not involved in adoptions in any way and we have seen first hand how unethical adoptions have damaged families here in Uganda.  However, we believe international adoption IS important and for some children it’s their only chance at a family.  If you are interested in adopting from Uganda we recommend moving forward cautiously, doing lots of research and asking lots of questions.