Q: How much does sponsorship cost?

The total monthly cost to put a family through our program is $250 but we understand that most people are not able to commit to a number that large.  For that reason we assign each family multiple sponsors at $25 and $50 a month until the full monthly sponsorship goal is met.

Q: How long does Sponsorship last?

A family’s sponsorship lasts for one year. At that time you will be given the choice to continue your sponsorship with a new family in our program.

Q: Will I be my family’s only sponsor?

No, unless you want to sign up to donate the whole $250 a month. Each family will have multiple sponsors.

Q: Will I receive updates on my family?

Yes! We send updates on our families three times a year. These updates include new pictures of your family along with written update on how the family is doing.

Q: Can I visit the family I sponsor?

We are unable to help you facilitate a trip to Uganda however, if you are in Uganda we would love to have you come visit and we would be more than happy to arrange a meeting with your sponsored family.

Q: I’m Canadian, can I still sign up to sponsor a family?

Yes! We love and welcome our Canadian donors. If you aren’t worried about getting a tax-reciept at the end of the year you can sign up with the paypal button below.  If you would like to claim your donations as tax-deductible you can sign up through our Canadian partner agency HERE. Make sure to designate the project you are supporting as ‘Abide Family Center’ and sign up for a ‘recurring payment’ of your desired amount.

Q: Can I send gifts or packages to my sponsor family?

No. Our goal is to foster independence in our families and sending gifts to them works against that goal. However, if an unusual need does arise for your family, you will be the first to be contacted in the chance that you would like to provide help outside of your regular sponsorship.