Restoring Dignity: Edith’s Story

Imagine not being able to provide for your own kids. The father of your children has abandoned you, leaving nothing behind. He has given up on your family, but you refuse to. You do not have a job. You do not have any savings. But, you are a fighter. And you love your kids relentlessly.

Meet Edith. This is her story.

Edith is the mother to two beautiful children, Fahadi and Latifah.

After being abandoned by her husband, Edith found herself with nowhere to live, and with no means to provide for her family. Thankfully, her sister, Aidah, took her family in. Aidah put a roof over their heads and food on the table. Edith was so thankful for the sacrifices her sister made for her family during their most desperate time of need.

Despite this, every morning, Edith would wake up early and leave home in search of work. She was thankful for her sister’s help, but she didn’t want to depend on her for everything. She felt like a burden, and she knew she was capable of providing for her family if given the right opportunity.

Edith religiously walked door to door in her community, offering to wash clothes in return for a few hundred shillings. Despite her perseverance, she only brought in around 5,000 shillings per week {a little less than $2.00}.

Edith knew something had to change. A few thousand shillings weren’t going to change the trajectory of her family’s life. One morning, she decided to knock on the gate of a nonprofit organization in her community, asking if they could help her find work. She didn’t ask for a handout, she just wanted an opportunity to prove herself. They told her they couldn’t help her, but that they knew of someone who could.

Edith was sent to our gate, and we are forever grateful for that referral.

Today, Edith lives in her own home with her children. She has not one, but TWO thriving businesses! She sells shoes and also has a plot of land where she farms. Her work ethic and determination to provide for her family have spurred her forward.

Her stable income is helping her send her kids to school, and it is covering her family’s medical and nutritional needs.

Edith now describes herself as a strong, independent woman. She is the sole provider for her family, and a committed mother. She is proud to be an active member in her local church and a member of a savings group in her community.

Edith’s story represents the dedication of a mother to keep her family together, and we believe that is something worth fighting for.

Edith is merely 1 of 159 moms who have been empowered from our program so far. Will you help us make it 204 this year? Will you say “yes” to keeping families together?

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