We believe that children belong in families


We EMPOWER vulnerable families to keep their kids at home and out of orphanages.  We
work to keep children out of orphanages in Uganda by providing other options to at-risk families.



Operations Director

Juliet studied Development Economics at Makerere University. She has work experience at the probation office and is pleased to have Abide be her first professional job. She enjoys working at Abide because she is inspired by female empowerment and wants “everyone to have a smile on his or her face.”


Head Social Worker

Susan received a B.A. in Social Work from Uganda Christian University in Mukono District. This is Susan’s first social work position; previously she completed internships at Compassion International. Susan enjoys working at Abide because she is helping the community.


Childcare Worker

Fatuma works at Abide taking care of the babies and toddlers and can always be found singing a song or playing a little game with the children. She will be quick to tell you that the reason she enjoys her job is because she technically gets paid to play all day.


Social Worker

Becky has a diploma of Social Work and a Bachelor’s in Developmental Studies. She has been working as a social worker with various organizations for the last seven years and loves working with children and families.


Social Worker

Hannington holds a Bachelor’s in Developmental Studies from Makerere University. Hannington originally wanted to be a journalist, but while playing football with other men in his community he learned many families struggle to provide for their children.



Joyce is from Northern Uganda and has a certificate in Nursing. She is passionate about improving healthcare in Uganda and keeping families together. She has three biological children and also cares for five extended family members. She loves listening to gospel music in her free time.


Business Instructor

Norah holds a Bachelor’s in Development Economics from Makerere University. She is married and has two children, Joy and Jonah. She loves empowering women because they strengthen the bond of a family.


Assistant Business Instructor

Sophia holds a BS in Economics and Statistics from Makerere University. She loves leading the business trainings at Abide. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her son Ryan.


Head Teacher

Florence is the mother of two children and grew up in the area. She works at Abide as a Childcare Worker watching the babies and helping with the older children when needed.



Margaret has three children ages 10 to 26. Margaret lives close to Abide and grew up in the area. Before coming to Abide, Margaret was unemployed. She now works full-time cooking our wonderful meals.


Assistant Cook

Mary and her husband are proud parents to five kids. She grew up in Western Uganda and moved to Jinja when she was 27. She loves working at Abide because she loves seeing the transformation in families after they graduate from our programs.


Compound Maintenance

Sarah has six children, three boys and three girls. Before working for Abide Sarah ran a small business selling secondhand clothes. Today she works full-time for Abide cleaning and maintaining our beautiful property.


Day Guard

Robert works hard to keep our compound safe and secure. Before he came to work at Abide he worked at a local secondary school as a day guard. Robert has five children and in his free time he likes to relax at home.


Frazier Dyson, Chairperson
Service on Board since 2015

Maria Keffler
Service on Board since 2015

Alfred Lohmann
Service on Board since 2016

Matthew Murdock
Service on Board since 2015

Nicole Murphy
Service on Board since 2015

Matthew and Lovelyn Palm, Advisors
Service on Board since 2015