Every Stitch Counts


Every Stitch Counts

Sewing is not easy work.  It takes attention to detail, steady hands, and, unfortunately for some, math. Our tailors in Stitched Together graduated at the top of their business class at Abide, and had a strong desire to pursue tailoring. Twice a week they attend tailoring classes and twice a week they come to Abide to create the beautiful products you see in our Etsy shop.  They work hard and love their children fiercely.


Before coming to Abide, these moms were at the brink of giving up their children to an orphanage because they felt they had no way to care for them.  A job is one of the surest ways of ensuring a family will be able to stay together.  And with Stitched Together, not only do we provide a job, but we teach a skill that will serve these moms for the rest of their life.  Two of our tailors already have a tailoring business on the side!


Right now our tailors work in a small, dimly lit room. Could you help support our move and provide our tailors with a clean, new, and well lit workspace? Are you passionate about fair trade? Donate to our Stitched Together room and be a part of providing a place for fair trade products to come to life – and a place where a mom can earn a living to care for her children.