Interview with Nicole: Meeting your sponsored Family


Interview with Nicole: Meeting your sponsored Family

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of having a visitor come to Abide. However, this wasn’t just any visitor, this was one of our Family Sponsors from Canada! It was so exciting having Nicole at Abide and we loved watching her see firsthand how her sponsorship has helped keep her sponsored family together.

She was gracious enough to allow us to interview her on her experience for all of you to see.


How and when did you first hear about Abide?

I saw an image on a friends Instagram that she had reposted in July 2014- it was a picture of these beautiful baby girls (the triplets). It instantly melted my heart and made me dig a little into who they were. I came across Abide’s Instagram page and spent awhile looking through pictures. I checked out the website, and emailed Megan asking for some more information on what Abide was doing in Uganda.

What compelled you to sign up to sponsor a family?

I’m a big believer in giving where you live, however, I felt very called to inquire and learn more about Abide and the work they do to keep families together in a nation where baby homes and orphanages are rampant- this seemed like a big and necessary job. I loved knowing my donations would keep a mother with her children and would help her learn to navigate the path of being a business owner and a working mother.

What was it like to meet your sponsored family in real life?

Meeting the triplets was an overwhelming feeling of joy, seeing their smiles and connectedness to each other and their mother meant the services I had been supporting were indeed working. They were carefree and filled with love. Because of what Abide offered Ellen, her daughters were able to be the children God intended them to be.

How has meeting your sponsored family changed your view of orphan prevention and family preservation in Uganda?

After visiting Abide, as well as several baby homes, my feeling is that enabling a vulnerable parent to leave their child because there is a lack of funds or means to generate funds is not creating a stronger culture or nation. Preventing separation in a family means joyful, loving children will have the family they were born into regardless of circumstances. However, in some cases and situations, we do need the support of baby homes.

What do you think other sponsors should know about sponsoring a family with Abide?

That coming alongside a family in need, means not only the children have the essentials they need to get by, but that the entire family can flourish without constraints in the love God has for them. Providing a family with the tools and devices they need to stay strong and stay together is a gift that, in my opinion, can top nothing else in this world.