“I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you”

– John 14:8


Across the globe, children with living family members are growing up in orphanages. This structural injustice is caused by a lack of services to support biological families to provide for their children at home. As a result, these children are needlessly ending up in orphanages.


We can do something to address this. By re-directing resources to support families who love their children, we will see fewer children unnecessarily placed in
orphanages and families moving from just barely surviving, to thriving on their own. Orphan prevention is the first step in creating sustainable orphan care.

We believe every big movement toward justice should start with the church. We invite your church to come alongside families in Uganda, helping them see Jesus through the staff and services at Abide as they are supported to stay together instead of being torn apart.


If your church is interested in partnering with us, we would love to hear from you! Church partnership can look different depending on the church and the unique gifts that each congregation has to offer. Please click below to begin a conversation about how your church can connect with us and make steps toward being a part of keeping children in families.