Abide believes in church partnerships


Abide believes in church partnerships

You really can’t ignore it – the call over and over again in the Bible to care for the orphans and the fatherless. But what if one way of caring for them is to make sure they never become orphans in the first place? What if the churches around the world rallied around supporting families to keep their children?


At Abide, we deeply believe in the power of church partnerships, at both a local and global level. We believe we are not alone in this fight for families, but we need churches to step up and partner with us in a variety of ways.

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Ballard Church in Seattle, WA has been such a church. They spent time learning about Abide and the work we do to keep children in their families. As a church made up of many families with small children, our vision to see children in families just made sense. They gave in an extremely generous manner and provided us the freedom to use the funds in ways that would be most helpful. As the need to move became more and more pressing, we saw their gift as an amazing example of God’s timing. We are putting their donation towards the “nuts and bolts” part of Abide’s move (think moving trucks, storage in the new facility, etc.).

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But we still need your church’s help. Would you and your congregation consider giving towards a room in our new compound? Two rooms we are very excited about in our new home are the nurse’s station and the counseling room. At Abide, we know our clients have both physical and spiritual/emotional needs that should be addressed in order for holistic transformation and empowerment to take place. The nurse’s station will provide a safe and clean space to store any non-prescription medicine and will be a place for our nurse to tend to minor cuts and bruises. A counseling room will be a safe haven for private conversations as our pastor and social workers tend to client’s emotional and spiritual needs. We believe these two rooms will hold a very special place in our new home.

Your church could give in a one-time offering. Your small group or Sunday School class could collectively give to the room of your choice. You could encourage others in your congregation to give and share the news that #AbideNeedsToMove. And remember, any individual or group who makes a donation of $50.00 or more will have their name(s) placed on a plaque in our new home so we can always remember we are not in this alone!

We would love to see the church – your church – come alongside us to help make this move possible. And together we can fulfill the call to “look after the orphans and widows in their distress” (James 1:27) and see even more families go from surviving to thriving.