Abide Turns THREE!

Today we threw a big party to celebrate Abide’s third birthday! We invited all of the families who have graduated from our program since day one to come back to our center to celebrate all we’ve accomplished since first opening our doors in 2013! We welcomed Abide staff, Abide supporters, parents who are now empowered and hopeful, and of course- all of the children who are growing up in their families because of the hard work of every single person who has been a part of Abide.

We danced, ate, and laughed, and most importantly, we joined together in celebration of all God has done for and through us in the last three years. We gave praise for God’s faithfulness and His commitment to children in families.

Abide has always and will always believe every child has the right to grow up in a family. We will continue to fight for each and every child in Uganda to experience the love and stability of a family. We will keep standing by vulnerable families and empowering them because we have seen their commitment to their children and the children of Uganda.

Today we celebrated the 159 families who have graduated from our program so far. 159 families who were once on the brink of separation are still together and THRIVING! We were overjoyed to see three out of the five moms from our first graduating class enter the party today with their kids in their arms and the news they are still proud business owners. Today was a reminder to all of us that what we are doing is working- and it matters.

In anticipation of what is in store for Abide this year, we’re doing more than just throwing a party to celebrate our birthday! We’re also launching an anniversary fundraising campaign, #UgandaBelieveInFamilies! Our birthday wish is to raise $7,500.00 in order to receive a $15,000.00 matching grant. This grant will fund putting 45 more moms through our business class this year! These moms will be empowered economically so they can keep their kids at home and out of an orphanage. 159 moms have graduated from our program so far. Will you help us reach 204?

Donate in honor of our birthday today!

*Kindly note that all donations must be given via the link above in order to go towards our $15,000.00 matching grant! Any questions? Contact kristin@abidefamilycenter.org.

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