A Story of Resilience: Aminah


On Monday we launched our anniversary fundraising campaign, #UgandaBelieveInFamilies! The goal? Raise $7,500.00 so we can receive a matching grant of $15,000.00. This grant will enable us to empower 45 more moms this year!

In honor of celebrating three years of keeping families together, this week we’re sharing stories of resilient moms in Uganda who have graduated from Abide and forever changed the trajectory of their family’s life.

These moms inspire us to say “yes” over and over again to walking alongside vulnerable families in Uganda. They remind us every mom deserves the chance to keep her children. And they prove to us Ugandan families can rise above extreme poverty when given the right tools.

Aminah is one of these moms.

It’s hard to believe the state she was in when we first met her over a year ago. Abandoned by her husband, she was left as the sole caregiver and provider for her family of five. She was four months behind in paying rent, her children often went one or two days without food, and her house was falling apart. At the time, Aminah washed clothes for people in her community, and her family lived off of a meager $1.00 to $2.00 per week from this.

Today Aminah is known as one of the most successful clients we’ve ever worked with. No longer consumed by fear and anxiety, she is a proud business owner, a loving mom, and an outgoing community member.

An entrepreneur at heart, Aminah is operating two thriving businesses. She has a growing secondhand clothing business, and she is a smallholder farmer.


Eight months after she graduated, she was able to move into a new home with electricity. And for the first time ever, all four of her children are enrolled in school. Aminah is now able to feed her kids a balanced diet and her family has access to high-quality medical care. She is an active member in her local church, and she is respected in her community as an example for others. Aminah now describes herself as confident, strong, and outgoing.

Aminah’s story represents redemption. Once on the brink of separation, today her family is together and thriving! They have been empowered economically, spiritually, emotionally, and physically from our holistic programming.


We believe Aminah’s journey to independence is worth fighting for. And we believe every child in Uganda has the right to experience the love and stability of a family. Poverty should NEVER be the reason a family is separated!

Aminah is merely 1 of 159 moms who have graduated from our program so far. Will you help us make it 204 this year? Will you say “yes” to keeping families together?

Donate today and help make our birthday wish come true!


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