A Beacon of Hope: Jane’s Story

This year we’ve invited you into stories of hardship and hope as we’ve worked to prevent orphans and keep families together in Jesus’ name! Today, Giving Tuesday, we encourage you to join a global movement of people who are coming together to give and take part in doing good. Will you donate to our work in honor of moms in Uganda who are fighting to keep their families together?

Meet Jane*. She is one of these moms.

She is brave.
She is resilient.
And her love for her children is like nothing else in the world.

It’s fierce, and it’s forever.

Jane’s life took a turning point the day she decided to leave her abusive husband. She knew leaving wouldn’t be easy. Just thinking about a future as a single mom of seven made her stomach churn. But with the support of her family and community, she took the brave leap of faith and left. Her sister took them in and put a roof over their heads and food on the table.

But Jane wanted more. She wanted complete independence.

This is where Abide stepped in. We saw potential in Jane, and we believed her journey to independence was worth fighting for.

Jane and her family moved into our temporary Emergency Housing, and she shared with us her dreams of owning her own business.

Our Business Instructor began mentoring her one on one and helped her develop a business plan. While Jane was busy learning, her children were safe with our loving teachers in our Child Development Center.

We watched as Jane began to blossom. The healthy meals on site and access to medical care slowly transformed her family. Bouts of malaria stopped. Brian, the youngest, began to interact more with the people around him.

We saw glimmers of hope.

Today Jane is well on her way to achieving her goal of complete independence. She’s moved out of Emergency Housing, and for the first time ever, she has her own place! Her children are in school, and she’s dreaming big for her future.

Our journey with Jane isn’t over yet. We’ll continue cheering her on as she launches her own small business selling fish. Our Business Instructor and the social worker assigned to her case will visit her every few months to check in. And our team is always on standby ready to offer her prayer, encouragement, or some extra help along the way.

Jane is a beacon of hope in her community. Her story is one of redemption, and every step she takes towards independence sets an example for those around her. We couldn’t be prouder!

Donate in honor of Jane today!

*Name changed for privacy.